Top 3 Reasons You Should Use Stucco on Your Property

Choosing the right type of siding can be a very difficult choice to make. Every material has pros and cons that adjust from climate to climate. One of the most common siding choices in hot, dry climates, including Arizona, is stucco. 

Stucco has been used since the time of ancient Romans and is often known as one of the most common siding materials. It is also a popular choice in many places including most of the Southwest and the Southeast. 

Stucco is typically composed of cement, sand, and water. Cement is a particularly strong substance and is used in a variety of applications. Adding sand to this only increases its strength and provides extra protection. 

The question is: Should I use stucco on my home? Our answer is “yes” because of its durability, wide customization, and cost-efficiency. 

1. Highly Durable Housing Material

When living in a desert-like climate, or areas with extreme weather, it is important to find siding that will help withstand the elements. Freezing temperatures on winter nights, scalding hot temperatures during the summer, or excessive moisture can impact your home more than you can think. 

Stucco has a wide range of flexibilIty. It can contract and swell with various temperatures without giving up its structural integrity. It is fire-resistant and can protect your home for those in wildfire-prone areas. It is also resistant to pests and rodents, as well as mold and rot.     

Another advantage to having stucco is that it is easily repaired. While some siding materials require replacing a large portion in order to fix damages, stucco can be patched in small areas without needing to re-do all of your siding. When mixed and applied properly, it requires very little maintenance compared to other forms of siding. It can last upwards of 50 years with minimal upkeep and repairs. 

2. Wide Range of Customization for the Exterior & Interior of Your Home

One of the best benefits of stucco is having the ability to customize your home the way you want. It can create patterns, textures, and colors that allow you to maximize your artistic vision. 

Stucco can be shaped to look like bricks, stone, or swirled to create any number of designs. It can also be painted. Although painting it can take a little more time because of its porous nature, using paint on your stucco can give you a unique customization.  

3. Stucco is a Cost-Efficient Building Material

Stucco is one of the cheapest siding materials. It is especially inexpensive in desert-like areas where some of its ingredients, including sand, are abundant and readily available. For a medium sized home, it can cost around $10,000. A good range to follow when considering applying stucco is that it costs $6-$9 per square foot. When repairing stucco, it is also on the cheaper side as you won’t need to repair large sections for small damages. 

  • Wood siding can cost almost $20,000. 
  • Vinyl siding can cost around $16,000.

Another benefit is that it is energy-efficient in extreme climates. This is because it acts as an insulator for your home. Insulators are any material that prevent or limit sound and heat from passing through. When you choose stucco as your siding, you are gaining this quality. It will prevent cold air from leaking from your home and hot air from coming in. This will cut down on any heating or cooling costs you might incur during each season. 

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