The Best Time of Year to Get Stucco Repaired

Stucco is a popular and practical choice for building residential and commercial properties in Glendale, AZ, and the surrounding areas. This is mostly because stucco is a great building material and insulator in the warm and dry climate found in the Southwest. Even with a warmer and drier climate than most areas, there is still some seasonality to the Southwest and when you are installing or repairing your stucco it’s important to think about the best time of year to make those changes.

While ideally, the best time for a repair is as soon as there is a problem, you might be looking to make the most out of your repair with the perfect installation or maybe cost savings. For those issues that do not need immediate attention, you can start to plan your repairs and choose a time that works best for you. Part of that plan will likely be when is the BEST time to repair or install stucco in Glendale. 

The Absolute Best Season for Stucco Repair

Spring and Fall are the absolute best seasons for Stucco repair. This is due to the steadier weather conditions found during these months. Although Spring and Fall are your best bet for stucco repair, stucco is resilient enough to be repaired and installed in a range of temperatures, giving you more wiggle room to make repairs even during the summer and winter months.

Each Season Has Its Pros & Cons For Stucco Repairs

In a climate like Arizona’s, harsh winters or heavy rain isn’t much of a concern, but there are factors that determine the best time of year is for stucco repairs. 


Just because winter is the perfect time to be in Arizona, doesn’t mean that winter is the perfect time for stucco installation or repairs. 


  • In Arizona, we do not have to worry about harsh winters or snowstorms preventing stucco repairs from happening. 
  • Won’t have to worry about the stucco repair contractors having to reschedule because of extreme temperatures.


  • Drastic temperature changes, which can be a problem from day and night, may not be beneficial to the Stucco while it is being installed and drying. 
  • A good number of residents are only in Arizona for the winter seasons, meaning stucco repair contractors will potentially be busier in this season.
  • It is more likely to rain in Winter than in some other seasons, which is not ideal during the drying process for stucco. 


This is one of the best times for stucco repair and installation, as we previously mentioned, and here is why:


  •  Arizona’s spring brings good weather that is perfect for stucco repair. 
  • Unlike most other places in the country, Arizona doesn’t have a rainy spring. 


  • Great weather for stucco means Spring is the busiest season for many stucco repair services, which means it may be harder to schedule a repair.


Summer might seem like an ideal time to have your stucco repaired, but that isn’t necessarily the case.


  • Oftentimes, people spend a lot more time at home in the Summer, meaning they may notice needed repairs more in the warmer seasons. 
  • If you want to be home during your repairs, you can likely schedule an early morning or late evening repair when temperatures are more stable.


  • Arizona summers bring high temperatures, which sometimes can be too high for outside work. Stucco repair services may get postponed if the temperature is too high, which means the repairs will have to wait. 
  • Higher temperatures also mean your stucco could dry unevenly or too quickly making it brittle and more susceptible to cracks in the future.
  • Similar to Winter, it is more likely to have rain in the summer for Arizona, which is not ideal while stucco dries. 


Another great time for repairs or installation is during the fall months in Arizona.


  • Temperatures aren’t as high in the fall, as they are in the summer which means ideal temperatures for stucco repairs. 
  • Repairs will be ready for all the people flocking to Arizona for the winter. 
  • Just like Spring, rain in Fall in Arizona is very unlikely. 


  • Late Fall, early Winter can see some of those more extreme and rainy weather making it riskier for repairs. 
  • Stucco contractors may be busier during this season. 

Does the Time of Day Matter?

While the time of day does not matter when it comes to stucco repairs, you might find companies that prefer to work within certain hours in certain seasons to avoid the coldest and warmest parts of the day. More importantly, what you want to consider is precipitation. Stucco needs to stay as dry as possible when being repaired or installed, so if you are looking to make a repair when rain is in your forecast you might reconsider. 

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