Stucco Repair Services in Glendale, AZ

When you got your stucco coating done it looked great, didn’t it? The beautiful, seamless coat that makes heads turn and seems to provide the perfect protection against all external attacks.

When applied correctly, stucco requires little to no maintenance. But if the coating is done hurriedly or with poor professionalism, it can have big cracks and grooves that completely damage the exterior of your house.

This is when you come to us for stucco repair. Book a call today to know why commercial and residential property owners prefer us over others.

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Who should I hire for Stucco Services?

While hiring a stucco repair contractor, your instinct will be to go for one recommended by your friends and family. This can get you a viable option but it still might not get you the best one suitable for your particular requirement.

You need someone who puts time and effort into understanding the extent of damage done to the stucco. A contractor who knows how to efficiently loosen the broken stucco and creates the perfect mixture to apply alongside the existing stucco layers.

We at Stucco Repair provide our customers with the desired look and the best return on investment. Call us today if you require any stucco related service for your property. We are experts in:

Exterior Plastering

Interior Plastering

Residential Stucco

Painting & Texturing

Stucco inspection & Leak Detection


Commercial Stucco

Stucco Repair & Restoration

Make your home stand out with the best stucco services available out there!

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What are the Advantages of Stucco over other materials?

There are many types of plastering material options available in the market and let us tell you exactly why stucco will be your best friend. Stucco is resistant to termite infestation, fungus, and rot. The durability of stucco can be realized by the fact that a properly applied coating can last for more than half a decade. You do not have to repeatedly replace, clean, or paint your exterior walls. Stucco’s maintenance is fairly easy given that the weather conditions are suitable.

Stucco is not only easy to maintain, but it is also easy to apply. It does not take a long time to dry and it can be applied to several materials. If you’re not happy with the results, it can always be given a new color and texture!

Stucco acts as a protective layer for the layers underneath and has quite an appeal to it. The value of your property instantly increases due to the versatile texturing and coloring options in which stucco is available.

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Who Needs Stucco Repair Services?

Our survey shows that stucco is the most widely used material when it comes to plastering of exterior walls. Stucco is popular due to its appeal and durability.

However, one of the factors that reduce the lifecycle of stucco is weather conditions. With Glendale’s hot, arid summer and long, wet winter, exterior wall coatings often develop cracks and blisters.

Leaking pipes and improper coating methods can also damage stucco. The only way to know the condition of stucco and the extent of damage to the layers underneath is to book an inspection visit with us today.

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When would I need stucco repair?

As tough as stucco is, it can still have cracks and stains due to water seepage into the exterior walls of a building.

The damage can be detected by the foul smell from the stucco or moldy stains on the walls. Other than these two signs, the damage can physically exist in the form of blisters or chunks of stucco falling off.

If any of the mentioned signs of damage appear then book a session with us today for stucco repair.

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Can I repair stucco on my own?

Even though the cracks in stucco might appear easy to fix, don’t try your hand at it. Unless you’re an expert at it of course.

While anyone can purchase a bag of concrete, it takes experience to use it successfully. Some areas, such as your foundation slab, can’t afford mistakes from amateur repairs.

The physical damages to the external stucco coating indicate that a bigger issue is at hand. It is of vital importance to find out whether the damage is only due to external sources or the stucco installation was not done properly. Failure to detect the source of the problem will result in the issue arising again and again.

We can inspect the walls for you and provide a detailed report on the extent and cause of stucco failure. Feel free to contact us to get an affordable quote for our services.

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The Best Stucco Contractors Near Me in Glendale, AZ

Whether it is a new stucco installation or renovation of the existing one, make sure your stucco contractors are experienced and they know what they are doing.

After years of contacting us for stucco services in Glendale AZ, our customers trust us for the maintenance of stucco coating for their commercial and residential properties time and time again.

Call today to avail affordable stucco services in Glendale, AZ.

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